‘Official’ YouTube app back in Windows Phone Store

A Microsoft-authored YouTube app is back in the Windows Phone Store, hopefully pitting an end to the long-standing Google-Microsoft rivalry that prevented Windows Phone users from accessing Google’s video service.


The new YouTube app notes, specifically, that it was developed by Microsoft, and has nothing to do with either Google or its video-sharing subsidiary. Nevertheless, some users have still complained that it taps into the HTML5 mobile site that YouTube developed, making it a Web app, rather than the “true” app that some have hoped for.

Nevertheless, the new app appears to be the product of a Google-Microsoft partnership. The two buried the hatchet at the end of May, promising to jointly collaborate on a new Windows Phone app. Microsoft has always hoped to build a proper YouTube app, but had complained that Google hasn’t provided the necessary APIs to allow it to do so. In early May, Microsoft released a new YouTube app that it developed, eliminating ads and allowing users to download the videos themselves. Those ads now show up when playing YouTube videos, paying the content creators—and Google. That app got the thumbs-down from Google.

The new YouTube app released Tuesday comes with a new list of features, including the ability to pin videos, playlists, or video channels to the Windows Phone screen as Live Tiles. In addition, video can now be uploaded directly to the YouTube service from within the app itself.

Each user also has access to his or her unique YouTube page, where profiles can be managed, including those of children; the app takes advantage of the Windows Phone “Kids’ Corner” functionality, and allows profiles to be set up that will only show age-appropriate videos. A quick-access search bar makes finding those videos easy. Finally, those videos can be emailed, texted via SMS, and shared over social networks.

Although Microsoft’s Bing Videos provides a basic equivalent to YouTube, YouTube’s scope—more than 100 hours are uploaded every minute—makes YouTube a must-have for virtually every platform. For owners of a WIndows Phone, let’s hope that the two companies have buried the hatchet.

Source from: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2046588/official-youtube-app-back-in-windows-phone-store.html

Study: Google accounts for 25 percent of all Internet traffic

The diversified range of new products being built and provided by Google now make the company accountable for nearly 25 percent of all Internet traffic, up from a mere 6 percent just three years ago, according to a new study.


Based on measurements of end device and audience share, that makes the Internet company’s reach larger than Facebook, Netflix and Twitter combined, according to Deepfield, a big data and Internet infrastructure research firm.

Some 60 percent of all Internet end devices exchange traffic with Google servers during the course of an average day, said Deepfield, which conducted the ongoing study. The analysis includes computers and mobile devices as well as hundreds of varieties of game consoles, home media appliances and other embedded devices like Apple TV, Roku, Xbox 360 and mobile apps.

The data focus primarily on North America and cover roughly one-fifth of the U.S. consumer Internet, making it “the largest ongoing study of its kind,” the group said in a blog post.

Behind Google’s rise

Deepfield co-founder Craig Labovitz attributed the meteoric rise in traffic patterns to server growth at Google as well as the success of a range of products such as YouTube (which the company bought for $1.65 billion in 2006), Android-based mobile devices and various Google cloud services like Google Drive.

“The odds are, if you have an Internet-connected device, at the end of the day it will be exchanging information with a Google server.”—Craig Labovitz, Deepfield

Only Netflix has larger bandwidth, Deepfield claims, but Netflix peaks last for only a few hours each evening during prime time hours and during Netflix cache update periods in the morning.

“The odds are, if you have an Internet-connected device, at the end of the day it will be exchanging information with a Google server,” Labovitz said in an interview.

Google, for instance, has seen serious growth in its Android mobile operating system since its launch in 2008. At the company’s I/O developers conference in May, executives reported that the Android OS had 900 million users.

“While it is old news that Google is big, the sheer scale and dominance of Google in the Internet infrastructure has significant implications on network design and evolution,” Deepfield said.

The results, Labovitz said, speak to the growing trend of not just Google, but other major technology companies like Facebook, Netflix and Apple either building out their own networking infrastructure or relying on the hosting services of other companies like Amazon’s S3 cloud hosting.

Source from: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2044938/google-accounts-for-25-percent-of-all-internet-traffic-study-finds.html

Simple mobile file sharing grows up: Meet the new wave of phone-to-phone apps

It’s 2013, and we carry little computers in our pockets everywhere we go. We live in a world that’s more connected and social than ever before. But, inexplicably, we still can’t use our smartphones to share our data, files, and memories with each other easily and seamlessly without using email or some type of formal cloud service like Google Drive or Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

Phone-to-phone file sharing hasn’t yet caught on—seriously, are you using it yet?—but the biggest name in mobile hardware is finally waking up to its utility. At WWDC a few weeks ago, Apple trotted out iOS 7, and one of the mobile operating system’s new features is AirDrop, which permits one iOS 7 device to directly share files with other iOS 7 devices. Google built mobile file sharing into Android 4.0 last year.


This idea of “simple mobile sharing” has been around since the early days of Bluetooth, but using it in the real world has always been a hassle, and as a result it has never really caught on. Honestly, when was the last time you bumped or tossed or beamed your contact information to someone at a party or conference?

But a new wave of simple mobile sharing apps—let’s call it mobile sharing 2.0—is ironing out some of the hassle, and adding cool features to the basic one-to-one sharing model that Bump introduced four years ago. New apps like Hoccer and Phrizbe make it fairly easy for you to walk into mixed company, and share content with pretty much any creed of smartphone in the room.
New simple mobile sharing apps

Neither Hoccer nor Phrizbe requires Bluetooth—each can send files to other devices via Wi-Fi or cellular network. Instead of sharing files directly, Hoccer uses an intermediary server to push files to the receiving device. Phrizbe can work through an intermediary server, too, but it can also share files via a direct peer-to-peer connection over Wi-Fi. Apple AirDrop, meanwhile, uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to support direct sharing with other iOS devices.

AirDrop, Hoccer, and Phrizbe don’t require physical contact between two smartphones. You can execute the share with just a few taps on your screen, and you can forget about email and drop boxes entirely.

Phrizbe is a relatively new player in the space—the service launched at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC at the end of April. Like Bump and Hoccer, Phrizbe has taken pains to move from being strictly a mobile platform to connecting with PCs. The company has only recently finished its Windows 8 app, which runs on desktop PCs and tablets.

“Our mantra is ‘click, pick and share,’ and we’re obsessed with making sharing from any mobile device just that simple,” says Phrizbe president and cofounder R.J. Holmberg. “People need to be able to share from their phone or tablet with no setup and no need to deal with platform or OS walls.”

Microsoft was interested enough in the Phrizbe file-sharing concept to work with the company on building a Windows 8 app. The result is a clean and simple-looking app that works especially well on tablets.

On Phrizbe, after you select the contacts, photos, or videos you want to share, and specify the people you want to share with, you make a swiping motion—and the file appears to fly off the screen toward its recipient or recipients. This user interface effect reinforces the idea of throwing content to people much as you might throw a Frisbee. You can see a video of everything in action here.

For more, please read the article source from: http://www.techhive.com/article/2043635/simple-mobile-file-sharing-grows-up-meet-the-new-wave-of-phone-to-phone-apps.html

How Do You Unlock Windows 7 Administrator Account?

Forgot Home windows administrator password in your Home windows seven computer system? Just after trying with some passwords you could consider of, it might also lock your administrator account. If you have created Home windows seven password reset disk just before, you could utilize it to reset Windows admin password instantaneously, but what to perform when you’ve got no reset disk once you want to unlock Home windows seven administrator account?

Within this tutorial we’ll present you a simple way to unlock Home windows seven administrator account in minutes, in situation the administrator account is locked out or you forgot its password. This strategy operates on Windows 8/Vista/XP and Home windows Servers also.

1st, download Windows Password Unlocker and save it on an additional computer system you’ll be able to access. Install the application then you can burn up a bootable password reset disk to the blank CD/DVD or USB flash push with it.

Now you have to make use of the password reset disk to boot your pc which is locked out. Hook up the CD/USB generate in to the equipment and turn it on. You may see a display that claims, “Press F12 for Boot Menu”. This signifies the crucial you’ll want to press to enter the Boot Menu. Should you cannot carry up the Boot Menu, you may also alter the boot buy in BIOS.

Select the CD/DVD-ROM Generate or Removable Device in the Boot Menu, the computer system will attempt to load the operating system inside the password reset disk. After a although, you will begin to see the Home windows Password Unlocker program, which shows a listing of local accounts with or without having password.

Pick the administrator account which you need to deprive password after which click “Reset Password” button. The plan will prompt you to definitely verify the password unlocking procedure. Just after confirmation, it will unlock your administrator account and make the password blank.

All factors are almost performed! Restart the equipment and get rid of the password unlocker CD/USB push. It is possible to then log again into your administrator account devoid of any password. It really is so uncomplicated!

A Free Way to Develop Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

What when you’ve got lost your accessibility for your administrator account? Properly, the guessing match could help you get access to the program. But the likelihood of unlocking your gadget, or receiving entry for the admin account, by guessing, is extremely reduced. A password reset disk is in some cases the sole selection to reset the administrator account password without having reinstalling Home windows in your computer. The password reset disk can get you accessibility towards the admin account by assisting your recover the neglected password.

The password reset disk is a file saved on detachable media, including a USB flash push or on floppy disks. Follow the guidelines under to create a home windows 7 password reset disk.

Home windows seven help guidelines to create a password reset disk:

* Change in your gadget.
* Insert a USB flash travel into an accessible port in your gadget. Alternatively, you may utilize a floppy disk soon after inserting it in your floppy disk push. In case your CPU will not assistance a floppy disk generate slot, connect a USB floppy travel. Some USB flash floppy drives may need to have an exterior power supply. In that situation, connect it to a single.
* Strike the Begin button positioned inside the bottom remaining corner in the commence screen. In the Begin pop up, select the label that reads Manage panel. Alter the Handle Panel window see from Group to Traditional. To perform this, simply click around the label that reads Alter to custom see.
* From the Manage Panel window, pick the icon with the label User Accounts and Family Safety.
* In the Consumer Accounts and Loved ones Safety window, choose the User Accounts option.
* Click on around the label that reads Produce a password reset disk. You’ll discover this label around the on the User Accounts window.
* Watch for the Overlooked Password Wizard window to start. Strike the next button within the forgotten password wizard window.
* In the list of your obtainable devices, simply click on the USB flash push or floppy travel. Hit Subsequent to proceed.
* When prompted, enter your present password. Hit Subsequent to carry on.
* Click on Next when prompted. Hit Complete to save the options, and also to exit the wizard process.

In any case, if you need to reset Windows 7 password and have not created a password reset disk just before, you have to vacation resort to third-party software like Windows Password Unlocker to do the restoration operate.

How to Create a New Admin Account Without Password in Windows 8

It truly is almost nothing to be worried about if you forgot Windows eight password. There’re numerous Windows 8 password recovery equipment to help you bypass a misplaced Windows eight password. But bypassing a forgotten Windows 8 password with these equipment could lead to some information reduction. You may not have the ability to access several of your encrypted data. So here’s hugely advised to produce a whole new admin account as opposed to resetting the forgotten password to accessibility your Pc again once you forgot Windows password and be locked from Windows eight personal computer.

What needs to produce a brand new admin account to bypass Windows 8 password?

It can be very basic to make a whole new admin account on a locked Pc. What you require is only a strong device like Window Password Unlocker. Not like other Windows password recovery software package, this tool will allow you not only take away or change forgotten Windows 8 password, but in addition make a brand new admin account to aid you receive back as part of your locked Computer.

100% safety is guaranteed. No any data reduction or damage will happen. Windows Password Unlocker functions straightforward and instantaneous recovery. Irrespective of what the level of the computing information is, you’ll be able to quickly entry your Computer yet again in five minutes both by removing or shifting the misplaced password or developing a new admin account. Even you will be a computer newbie, you’ll be able to also use this tool to fix your issue.

How to make a new admin account to bypass Windows eight password?

Creating a fresh admin account on a locked Pc with Windows Password Unlocker may be divided into 2 phrases. The very first phrase is to produce a bootable Windows password reset disk in any Computer. And Making a new admin account about the Pc you forgot password for could be the 2nd aspect.

Portion 1. Burn a bootable Windows password reset disk
one. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker in any Computer.
two. Launch this plan and insert a CD/DVD or USB flash drive in pc.
three. Click on Burn a Bootable CD/DVD in the event you inserted a CD/DVD, and click on Burn up a Bootable USB Flash drive for those who inserted a USB drive.
4. Select the target gadget (DVD/CD or USB drive) and click the Reset button. The bootable password reset disk is going to be burned in seconds.

Once this disk is produced, it is possible to use it to make a brand new admin account on the personal computer that you simply forgot password.

Element 2. Develop a brand new admin account
1. Commence your locked Computer through the bootable password reset disk.
two. Pick the system, after which click Generate a whole new account button when the Windows Password Unlocker interface appears.
three. Variety the consumer name and password for that new administrator account, then click Ok.
four. Click Ok when the new admin account is successfully designed.
5. Click Reboot button to restart personal computer then log into Windows with all the new administrator account.
Note: Please recall to take out the bootable disk ahead of through restarting.

Possible future Google Glass lessons in Trulia’s app

Can Google Glass make the banal exciting? Trulia’s new real estate Glass app could foretell part of the future of the wearable Internet.

From aiding first responders to real-time language translation, Google Glass has software developers excited for the potential of wearable computing. But the true test of success for Glass may be how quickly it’s adapted to more commonplace uses, such as helping real estate listing company Trulia sell and rent properties.

“It’s an exploration tool,” said Jeff McConathy, Trulia’s vice president of consumer engineering, of his company’s in-development app during a visit to CNET’s San Francisco office. “It’s not about deeply engaging with the content, it’s about doing something fresh.”

Trulia’s app is almost remarkably simple. It notifies you when you’re near an open house that meets your search criteria, such as price range, neighborhood, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms; provides directions to a house; it lets you view property listings; reads a description of the property to you; and lets you save the listing to your Trulia Mobile account. You can also e-mail or call the real estate agent for the property directly from Glass.

McConathy said that one of his goals when he built the app was to ensure that Trulia’s users saw only relevant information. “I didn’t want to overwhelm you with blatant property data. It should just be a nice add-on,” to the company’s mobile app features, he said.

The importance of curating what his users would want to see right in front of their faces, instead of showing them the more typical firehose stream of Internet data that people get in their apps, could become a key determinant in what makes one Glassware app successful while other competitors fail.

McConathy said that he was the sole developer for Trulia’s Glassware. “We kind of did it as a skunkworks project. It wasn’t a massive undertaking,” he said. “When we go prime-time we’ll probably have a small team dedicated.”

Another lesson there: developing for Glass likely will take far fewer resources than building a standard mobile app because the Glassware version will have fewer features.

McConathy wouldn’t give a timeline for when Trulia’s app will be ready, although he said that all that’s left is for him to “tie together” the app’s database. He said that the app probably will be part of a new wave of apps due before the beginning of July.

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57588330-93/possible-future-google-glass-lessons-in-trulias-app/

How to Deal with Forgotten Windows Password?

Possibly you’ve forgotten Windows password? Then you have unquestionably realize how painful the Windows 8 password recovery operation could possibly be. Okay, you could possibly take it uncomplicated! The reality is the fact that there’s a easy approach to bypass Windows password also as be logged straight into your private laptop various minutes from now! With out the have to have of losing your information and facts. It doesn’t matter which version of Windows you’re operating or no matter if you have got any sort of computer program, in any way. Resetting Windows password is genuinely basic that everyone can do it.

Just before we discussed how are you able to reset forgotten Windows 7 password in a basic way, here we speak about some approaches to try and do. There are lots of methods to reset the lost Windows 7 Password, amongst these we selected handful of greatest ones, so that now let’s move on you needn’t to become concerned for the reason that we’ve got created many methos which may perhaps well recover windows password to your Windows 7/Vista/XP box. They’re talked about in particulars as supplied beneath.

Technique 1: Try to recall
Try this way before you laugh at my seemly foolish recommendation. Knowledgeable guesses for the Windows password are occasionally beneficial and easy-to-archive. Just settle down and feel more than all products in relation to passwords. Which may possibly probably be your birthday, your ID number, the city exactly where you lived, your 1st teacher’s name and like that. You might be fortunate enough, you are capable to alter your Windows password within some minutes.

Solution 2: Third-party Windows password recovery software
That ought to be one of the most intelligent way for you, specifically for all those have tiny laptop expertise, or lost administrator password, or in no way have any password reset disk at hand. Ideal here I strongly suggest Windows Password Unlocker which enables you to recover Windows password with only several clicks. Listed below will be the simple directions on the very best technique to use it.

Step 1: Burn bootable CD/DVD.
1. We want a different personal computer to download Windows Password Unlocker from


and burn bootable CD/DVD/USB. So insert a blank CD/DVD/USB on this pc, after which launch Windows Password Unlocker.
2. Select “Burn CD/DVD Disk”.
3. Click “burn” to start the bootable CD/DVD burning.

Step 2: Reset Windows password
1. Insert this CD/DVD around the personal computer you cannot access to and boot it from CD/DVD.
2. You might be going to enter the principle interface of this computer software. Select the Windows installation also as the user account you would prefer to reset password.
3. Pick out the target user account to reset Windows password.
4. Do not forget to restart your computer system to finish recovering.
Note: Right here you need to notice, you’ll want to reboot your Computer to finish this password resetting.

Add Handwritten Notes in Polaris Office on Galaxy Note Devices

Sometimes only so much explaining can be done with text on the screen. Adding a handwritten drawing or diagram can help pull together and solidify an idea. This is especially true when you’re following along on a document that was given to you, like a business plan or notes for a class.

Polaris Office works with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF files. When using this app on a Galaxy Note series device, you can use the included S Pen to draw directly in your documents. Here’s how:

(Credit: Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET)

First, open a document or presentation in Polaris Office. Then, tap on the plus-sign button near the top right-hand corner. A new menu will appear, choose Free draw.

(Credit: Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET)

Adjusting the color or style of the pen is easy: just tap on the pen icon near the upper right-hand corner. You can change the strokes to bold and also switch colors. The pen tip can be changed into a highlighter in this menu, and you can also pick a custom color (it doesn’t have to be yellow!).

(Credit: Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET)

When you need to erase a pen or highlighting mark, you can do so on an individual basis or by clearing all drawings on the document. The eraser icons are the farthest on the right at the top of the screen. The one in the corner is all markings and the icon to its left is for individual marks.

One drawback is that the highlighting tool will start to hide your text if you go over the same spot more than once. This can be prevented by using clean strokes when highlighting words or passages.

Article source: http://howto.cnet.com/8301-11310_39-57582807-285/add-handwritten-notes-in-polaris-office-on-galaxy-note-devices/

3 Most Capable Windows Password Recovery Tools

Have you ever locked out of your laptop or notebook as you cannot keep in mind the Windows login password? Have you cost a lot of dollars by resorting to guys in the repair shop to bypass yourlost Windows password? Have ever regained access to your locked computer at expense of one’s valuable data by way of Windows installation? Nicely, should you have a Windows password crack software at hand, you’ll be not suffering these challenges since it can help you conveniently recover or reset lost Windows password. Right here lists four very best Windows password recovery tools for your to accomplish your password recovery on market.

1. Windows Password Reset Disk

Creating password reset disk can be a built-in function of MS Windows method, which makes it possible for customers to make a password reset disk by using an USB flash drive to in case of a lost or forgotten Windows password. It is a precautionary measure as most Windows customers forgot the login password without a password reset disk at hand.

  • Totally free Windows password recovery resolution.
  • Extremely simple to create and use such a disk.
  • Need to make the disk prior to forgetting the password.
  • Only valid for the target Windows account.

2. Ophcrack

Ophcrack would be the most preferred totally free Windows password crack application based on rainbow tables. It’s a incredibly effective implementation of rainbow tables carried out by the inventors with the process. Ophcrack is proficient application service that is certainly in a position to recover and reset administrator and locak passwords for Windows, at the same time as Mac and Linux systems.
Pros: Absolutely free Windows password recovery tool to retrieve your lost Windows password.
Cons: 496MB (7/Vista) / 415MB (XP) LiveCD ISO image will take you a lot time for download and passwords greater than 14 characters cannot be cracked
Time: More than 1 hour

3. Windows Password Unlocker

Windows Password Unlocker is the most well-known commercial password recovery tool which lets you develop a password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset forgotten Windows password. It especially made to reset the forgotten Windows password for domain and nearby customers on all well-known Windows OS.
Pros:PowerfulWindows password recovery toolallows you to reset lost password to blank in minutes without having any information loss or harm. And 100% recovery price guaranteed.
Cons:It’s released as a shareware, not a freeware.
Time:a few minutes, usually 5 minutes.